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Hey there. I’m Rob. I hand craft beautiful and longlasting items from wood

I am sole owner and creator in Skoba Studio.
It is based in Bankya, neat small town near Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital.


My grandfather from mother’s side was woodworker and cabinetmaker. One of my father’s grandfathers was known and sought for making spoons, pitchfork and similar essential tools back then. My father himself is quite a handyman, making and repairing most of the stuff around the house and the car we used to have.

Early on, I decided to be a different kind of maker, the kind that makes “stuff with a keyboard and nothing else”. I became developer, creating web sites and services.

In 2016 I found an old rusty chisel, that was calling me to try it out. With it, I slowly rediscovered woodworking. Beside my family, it is what fills my days with meaning.

I started creating wooden gifts for close relatives and friends. Their friends wanted some as well. Slowly, this grew into small business in which I still create products with love, attention and patience as I did when I made them for my close ones.

Philosophy and work process

I am fascinated by the practicality and beauty of old school woodworking, the intimate understanding of wood that you only get when using non-powered hand tools.
However, I do not shy away from using some computer powered robots (aka CNC machine) to bring you the best of both worlds.

Most products I sell have behind the scenes photos or video of the build. Have a look.

I source my wood from local and responsible suppliers. Have a look at each product description for full list of materials used. You’ll see woods like cherry, pine, walnut, maple, basswood. I don’t use particle boards.

You can read more about my attitude to the woodworking as a whole and check behind the scenes photos in the Blog section of this website.
You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Skoba name

Skoba (скоба) has many meanings in Bulgarian, some of main ones being clamp and holdfast, hence the logo, which is stylized clamp.
It also means bracket (as in parenthesis). We have a saying: To open a bracket. It roughly means: to say something on a side, to start a side story. I quite like this.
I believe it is important to not leave side stories aside, but to pursue them and enjoy them as much as we can.