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Kanji frame video

I recently received a book by my good friend Velko. It was “The art of japanese joinery” by Kiyoshi Seike. The book goes in detail not only on what and how but also why. I liked it a lot.

It lead me to decision on starting a tradition of making one project after reading a new book (if it does inspire me to do so, hopefully the future ones will as well).

The project that I decided to do after this book is kanji frame, with mortise and tenon and dado joints. The kanji are: 道具.
They are roughly translated as: “tools of the trade”, but a more philosophical meaning lies behind. It stands for the tools a carpenter uses, but also for the path that one goes though “instruments of the way of carpentry”.

The project itself is not complex, but the small details required careful work and fine tuning my smallest chisel for the final touches.

This won’t be my final kanji frame as I already have ideas for next ones.

I enjoyed making it and I hope that you’ll enjoy viewing the video of the process. If you did, please visit my YouTube Channel and subscribe. Thanks.