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Small showcase box


Hand crafted wooden lamp with graffiti print in the back.

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This is small wooden showcase box with LED light.

You can use it as an art piece on your desk, as a delicate ambient lamp or for showcasing your cherished object inside.

Swipe the vertical border to see it turned on and off:

The box’s back has graffiti and comics motifs.

Place an object inside the box and highlight that object as a centerpiece of the desk. Here is an example with USB adapter and with souvenir elephant inside.

The top, bottom and sides are made from hand planned cherry boards. They are connected using traditional woodworking dovetail joint. This joint adds to overall rigidity and also gives vintage look to the piece.

The back is made of plywood, chosen for it’s stability. It is screwed in only and can be removed if a need arises. The front also features four pine slats which serve as a cover for the LED strip.

The finish is shellac, buffed with mixture of beeswax and boiled linseed oil. Those are natural products, that are perfectly safe to use in bedroom, child room and to freely handle with bare hands. They preserve the wood, give it nice finished feel, while still keeping the wood texture and character. You might catch a light honey scent due to this.

Both pine and cherry will change their colours over time, with pine getting mellow yellower, while the cherry getting darker and more orangy-red.

The lamp consists of 28 SMD 2835 LEDs glowing in warm colour. They are powered by a regular USB with type A connector. The USB cable is about 95cm long (37 inches). Note that LEDs are visible when viewing from a sharp angle. The strip itself is mostly oriented towards the back, which becomes the light source when viewed as a whole.

It’s light is soft and semi focused. It can illuminate the desk just enough when you want to write while keeping the room dark. Or it could serve as delicate ambient light for the evenings.

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Dimensions 18 × 8.5 × 10.5 cm

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